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28 September 2017

Every time we write about the method of Elkin Elkin we really know what we're talking about, and not only because we tried this method of healing and rejuvenating the body on our own experience, but also because we often see those who are also in the magical hands of the doctor.

Today Natalia which is certainly in all senses, a much more complicated and interesting patient, is why she decided to tell her story therefore it is very curious to observe her changes and her personal experiences, because behind her shoulders colossal experience in such topics as dietetics, healing and rejuvenation. Passing through many programs and procedures, Natalia does not hide her real emotions and truthfully tells about everything that happens to her, and we can only admire her courage and wish her good luck in her future work with Leonid Arkadevich.

We deliberately left the text of Natalia in its original form, because this is her story – a living and real:

Part 1

Feet: about varicose veins and feelings of heaviness I do not remember at all. I am very happy with the fact that for me it is a "fad". Knees! Understand correctly, but the female eye sees "artistic" changes in the shape of the knees. My knees looked younger. Not only did the volume go away, the inner surface of the thigh was frankly pulled up and the graphics of the feet made me very happy. The fifth point was pulled as if I had been engaged for at least 3-5 months on a special program at the fitness club.

Part 2

Body: the stomach lost weight very quickly and stretched. There are no stretch marks. Waist. I had it, and now the harmonious proportion of the body is obvious. Arms. The external and internal lines were well drawn. No age points, when the ladies of 50+ forbid themselves styles with an open shoulder. Plus huge.

Part 3

Decollete zone: the texture of the skin objectively changed. Elastic, even. Face. I do not say, but I joyfully admire the face. Fantastic result !!! No age points !!! Superciliary arcs + upper eyelid as in beautiful 40. Minor and obvious wrinkles go away in front of eyes. The face looks very young. The environment marks a rapid and serious change of the face.

Part 4

General moments: What can not be measured, digitized. Phenomenal lightness of the body, gait. I do not feel my weight.

Part 6

Nutrition: effect for 2 months – minus 2 sizes, generally there is no puffiness. The body works like a clock. What changed: stopped eating white bread, sandwiches. Cheese, sausage, meat now without bread. On holidays we eat potatoes and spaghetti. Hot dishes: only rice I eat with meat, fish and tp. Most vegetables (fried, stewed, grilled, boiled) and meat, fish.

What did not do: there is no diet per se. I began to "feel" through the body, how to "assemble" a dish. It came through a few uncomfortable conditions when I ate "as always". It's a shame, but honestly I admit: I got food poisoning and "left" a couple of days. The organism is adjusted by the doctor's hands to the regime of another food intake and gradually begins to discover new food tastes, combinations, and the volume for saturation decreases.

Do not think of a picture of mean gastronomy. Nooo, I ate everything I wanted, I just began to feel the moment bright: the body likes my choice or not. Here's how! (And this is what the system engineer writes).

What is very easy: n I love milk; green tea replaced by fruit; Sweets and cakes did not bother even before the meeting with the doctor; wine, one glass, when you want – please, and strong drinks just do not understand (not tasty).

What is difficult: to give up bread, pelmeni, khinkali and tp. Give up potatoes and spaghetti. What is, that is … Moderation in food, the adaptation of cooking for yourself – that's the main principle, because the doctor does not talk about diets at all. And I do not understand why he often gets into the top 10 best nutritionists – I think that the effect is comparable to the effect of prolonged diets, but the timing of obtaining an aesthetic effect can not even be compared. No, you can! If 2 months to spend on severe restrictions in nutrition and in great psychological stress.

About feeling yourself

If I understand / feel correctly, the indirect result of Dr. Elkin's method is the development of presence (awareness). Is it possible to train? Oh sure! Only these trainings look different. What is this from Elkin? This is a clear presence in the moment. The fact that when you yourself remove real people's requests, rather than build endless hypotheses, then when you do not give an answer to the situation the first thing that came to your mind, but you miss what is happening through yourself and listen to how it responds. When you act through an open mind, heart and intentions.

About the Psychologist

Be sure to go and do not include experience, knowledge. Do not repeat my mistake "what can you do for me?" . I had 8 meetings with the psychologist. Everyone has his own story. And it's hard to write about private things. I ask you, go and walk. Everything is intertwined in the method and every specialist "does not just work" with us. Each patient has his own melody and everything individually ….

Art in medicine! Yes, medicine is subtle, virtuosic, inconspicuous and inexplicable … Professional, scientific. I go further …

More information about Dr. Elkin himself and his method can be found on the website

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