Weinsteinheit: Rose McGowan accused Meryl Streep of hypocrisy


The shadow of the scandal with Harvey Weinstein, who was accused of sexual harassment two months ago , even laid on the almost perfect reputation of Meryl Streep. All because of Rose McGowan. Meryl decided to support the action against sexual violence # MeToo and come to the Golden Globe ceremony in black, for which she received a dose of criticism from Rose. The actress accused Meryl of hypocrisy.

“Meryl Streep worked with this pig-monster for many years, and now she wants to put black on the” Golden Globe “to express a silent protest. Your silence is the main problem! With bated breath, you will take away your false reward. I despise this hypocrisy. Maybe you just will put Marchesa dress (a brand owned by the wife of Harvey Weinstein Georgina Chapman -. Ed.. ) “- Rose wrote.

Meryl Streep

This is not the first time that McGowan opposes the Strip. In early October, Meryl issued a statement where she said she did not know about Harvey’s indecent behavior – Rose called her a liar.

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan was one of the first actresses to publicly report harassment from Harvey Weinstein. In late October, she addressed the Women’s Convention with a speech in support of women who had been subjected to violence.

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