“We are just two crazy lovers”: Mot and Maria Melnikova in anticipation of a miracle


Mot with his wife Maria Melnikova

Mot with his wife Maria Melnikova

On shooting in the suburban Barvikha, the artist of the label Black Star Mot (Matvei Melnikov) with the  beautiful wife Maria , who is in the seventh month of pregnancy, arrived without delay. Tired shooting hours they stood firm, without whims. In the process, they warmed themselves with tea, and only when the case was over, together sat down to have a bite. Actually, they all do together. It happens when people are in love.

The love story is in the spirit of the times. His muse, Maria (nee Gural) for those times, a beginner of the Moscow rap-label found in the instagram – I saw through a mutual friend, added to friends, prolyaykal all photos without exception, joked in the comments. “I did not know who he was, but I was interested – I liked a nice guy. And then in the profile I saw: “actor Black Star”. I was frightened, I thought, these guys are free, there are always a lot of women around. Nothing serious is not worth waiting for, “Masha recalls. Matvei at that time had already worked in the label for six months, but had not yet reached Kiev, so the first date happened when Masha herself came to Moscow to her friend. He saw in the instagram that Masha was in the capital, and immediately offered to meet.
In a strange city on the first date to go was scary, so she had to take her friend with him. (“Matvey says it was the worst in our first date,” laughs Masha). The girls had previously discussed the withdrawal plan, which, probably, all the girlfriends have in case something goes wrong. The plan almost had to be implemented after the first unsuccessfully abandoned Matvei phrases. But it turned out: after ten minutes both chatted, “as if they knew each other all their lives.” “All the time I repeat that I like his eyes: clean, kind, honest”, – Masha is justified. Relations at a distance lasted a year, and as soon as Masha graduated from the university (Kyiv National Linguistic University, Masha has two higher educations – an economist and translator), Matvei came for her and took him away, more precisely, “stole” to Moscow.
On the Mote: leather jacket Saint Laurent;  T-shirt and jeans Dolce & Gabbana.  On Masha: jacket Balenciaga;  T-shirt and jeans Dolce & Gabbana
On the Mote: leather jacket Saint Laurent; T-shirt and jeans Dolce & Gabbana. On Masha: jacket Balenciaga; T-shirt and jeans Dolce & Gabbana
It turned out that the guys from the label Black Star are just unreliable, but in fact it’s the other way around. In the lyric album “In Out”, which was released in March 2016, the song “Be My Wife” was included, and Matthew made a proposal earlier in the Old New Year – on the Thai island of Tachai (so romantic). Signed in August 2016, and on April 23, 2017 (on the second anniversary of the acquaintance) married in Elokhov Cathedral and  celebrated the wedding with a  big holiday in the Villa Rotonda restaurant surrounded by French architecture near Moscow “Deauville”, brothers Mota by Black Star and high-society guests.
The 23rd for the wedding was not chosen by chance. The fact is that Mary and Matvey believe in the magic of numbers. “It has haunted me for many years,” says Matvey. – And always brings good luck. I was born in Krasnodar, the number of the Kuban region – 23. On this day we met, signed at number 23 on Kutuzov Avenue and deliberately chose a happy date for the wedding. On October 23 my new album was released, and on March 23 there will be a big solo concert in the arena “VTB Ice Palace”. “Wherever we go, we everywhere meet this number. And if this happens, then everything will be fine, “adds Masha. With numerology you can not argue. The room at the Barvikha Hotel & Spa, where the shooting takes place, is by chance 233, and every member of the crew becomes a bit superstitious.
The four-day (the longer the tour schedule did not allow) honeymooners spent their honeymoon in the Greek Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort overlooking Saint Athos. And also not by chance. “Greece is our country with Matvei,” Masha explains. “Matvei’s grandfather is Greek, so he has roots there, and there we went on our first joint trip. Our parents tell us that everything is written like a book. We always knew that the child should appear after the wedding. At the Aegean Sea, everything happened. “
As often happens with the wives of musicians, the news fell on Masha, when Matvei was on tour. The doctor recommended to do the test, Masha obeyed, but she spoke on the phone with her mother and almost forgot about the test. In time I remembered, and, of course, was completely dumbfounded, and a day later I was already flying to Matvey for a concert in his native Krasnodar (again, the signs of fate). On the phone did not say anything. “I then toured, worked for days and nights – a lot of flights, transfers. She arrived early in the morning. I was exhausted to the extreme, but I did not sleep, I was waiting for her. She went into the room and asked me to sit down. Then I immediately felt as if a wave was covering me. Sleep, of course, as a hand took off, – Matvei remembered the day when his life changed forever. – They say that we are like brothers and sisters, it’s true. When I first met Masha, I thought, that we could have beautiful children. And the child will be the same swarthy, dark-haired and brown-eyed. Son, as I dreamed. “
On the Mote: Saint Laurent jacket;  shirt and trousers Dolce & Gabbana;  shoes Saint Laurent.  On Masha: Tom Ford's dress;  sneakers Saint Laurent
On the Mote: Saint Laurent jacket; shirt and trousers Dolce & Gabbana; shoes Saint Laurent. On Masha: Tom Ford’s dress; sneakers Saint Laurent
Such an event deserves a separate song. And she called “When the word disappears.” In fact, Matvey wrote it during the honeymoon. Of course, they also decided to shoot the video in Greece, against the backdrop of a geological miracle – monastery-meteors built on the rocks in the mountains of Thessaly at the bottom of the prehistoric sea: “It’s pointless to hide pregnancy, and we decided to  tell  about it beautifully.”
About the fact that during the birth, Matvei will hold his beloved by the hand, conspired immediately – they decided that it is possible to not both experience this. And after that, he plans to cut half the tour to more with the family, at least for the first time: “I had months, when I gave 20-22 concerts a month, I was away for a long time, or we traveled together. Now I need more time. I want to see how the baby grows and develops. ” Masha, of course, is happy about this, but she hopes that the degree of tenderness and romance will remain at the same level.
On Mota and Masha: silk pajamas Dolce & Gabbana;  plaid Loro Piana
On Mota and Masha: silk pajamas Dolce & Gabbana; plaid Loro Piana
Preparing for the birth of the “little miracle” began almost from the first days. Masha reads books, chooses furniture and clothes – all this brings both insane joy, Matvei, of course, seeks to give the best and does not refuse anything, although the pregnant Masha is almost no different from the usual, to which he is accustomed: “I thought, will begin “Motya, I want raspberries and feijua” at three o’clock in the morning, but thank God it did not happen. “She does not have crazy desires, she is even more joyful, amusing, touching.” Touches everyone around, especially me. “
Masha dreams that her son grows like a father: “bold, restrained, incredibly kind, with a philosophical attitude to life,” which, she says, she never had. And that he also learned a lot (Matvei is now completing postgraduate studies at Moscow State University in the faculty of public administration). As a child, the artist Moth dreamed of becoming a football player and wants his son to fulfill his dream: “I hope he will love football the same way as I do, and maybe even will play for my favorite football club” Real Madrid “, and I’ll go to to him in Madrid and watch as he scores goals “Barcelona”. “
On Mota: jeans Dolce & Gabbana;  Loro Piana sweater;  Tom Ford shoes.  On Masha: trousers-boots and a sweater Balenciaga
On Mota: jeans Dolce & Gabbana; Loro Piana sweater; Tom Ford shoes. On Masha: trousers-boots and a sweater BalenciagaOn the Mote: jacket, trousers and boots Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford shirt;on Masha: a jacket, a waistcoat, trousers and shoes Dolce & Gabbana;car: Ferrari 488 Spider.On the Mote: jacket, pants and boots Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford shirt;  on Masha: a jacket, a waistcoat, trousers and shoes Dolce & Gabbana;  car: Ferrari 488 Spider.

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