The main men’s haircuts this fall and winter


Leaving the sun-drenched terraces and approaching the snow-strewn streets, we gradually change the wardrobe, which is becoming more and more thorough and warm. And if the change of clothes has its own simple logic, then with the selection of a seasonal hairstyle everything is more complicated. What styles will look actual and will not be destroyed by the first burst of a strong wind as soon as you are out of the threshold? And what forms will show that you are aware of all the latest trends, but they will not put you a victim of fashion? So, how are we going to get a haircut?

  • The main men's haircuts this fall and winter


    A youthful and carefree hairstyle with a bang will make it clear to everyone that you are in the prime of your life, no matter twenty to you at the moment or deep beyond forty. Specialists emphasize that bangs are especially good for long, long faces with high foreheads, because they visually make the face more proportionate. And, conversely, if you have a round or square face, choosing a hairstyle with a bang should be done with great care. Look good, for example, on round faces variants of a shortened on each side bangs. Unlike ultra-short hairstyles, hairstyles with bangs are more variable when it comes to laying – whether it’s free disorderly style or a neat angle.

  • The main men's haircuts this fall and winter

    Felt: styling features

    Moisten your hair with a spray of sea salt, and then either blow dry with the hair dryer, giving it the desired shape, for an impressive amount, or leave it to dry naturally to achieve a slight careless effect. In this hairstyle the main texture, so choose the styling products with matte effect and high separating ability. Avoid means that can behave in a bad way in conditions of high humidity, such as gels and creams for styling that spread out over your forehead, if you suddenly get caught in a pouring rain. Wax or powder for styling, guaranteeing, in addition to strong fixation, the coveted “dry appearance” is the best choice for hairstyles with bangs.

  • The main men's haircuts this fall and winter

    Back to Back

    Hairstyles with a comb back are an unfading classic and again come into fashion. Such a hairstyle gives its owner an elegant and austere look, while at the same time favorably distinguishes it from other men who prefer “something simpler”. According to the professionals, the main aspect of this hairstyle is a form that is based on proper work with layers. For best results, the hair around the ears and near the neck should be cut five centimeters shorter than on the top of the head, and the different layers of the remaining hair mass should be designed in such a way that a smooth and harmonious transition from short to long hair is obtained. Again, the texture is the key to this hairstyle, so a good hairdresser will cut your hair from different angles, change the length and volume of the hair in different parts of the head, and maybe even use a razor,

  • The main men's haircuts this fall and winter

    Back: styling features

    A necessary condition for successful hair styling with a comb back is a sufficient length of hair. All the rest is not so difficult. After washing hair with shampoo, dry them with a hair dryer, using your fingers or a special brush-attachment, comb the hair from the face back. In this case, add a little styling to the basal area of ​​the hair, which will give them a volume and fix the shape. Then treat the hair with a small amount of fixing cream with the glossy gloss effect, or use another, more structuring and matting means – it’s only in your personal preferences. Now use your fingers or a comb to finally give your hair the desired shape.

  • The main men's haircuts this fall and winter

    Disorderly waves

    For the first time since the 1980s, owners of curly or wavy hair can exhale with relief: no longer need to cut their hair as short as possible, trying to cope with naughty strands. Now the naturalness has returned to fashion. Correctly trimmed elongated curly hair looks thicker and opens up space for creativity in terms of styling. For medium length hair and long hair, the main task here is to emphasize the natural wave line or curl and shape addition.

  • The main men's haircuts this fall and winter

    Random Waves: Styling Features

    Dry your hair after washing with a hairdryer at a low speed to prevent the hair from drying completely when it becomes too soft and fluffy. If you like this trend, but your hair is not quite wavy, you can use a hairdryer with a diffuser, this will revive the strands and give them more dynamics. After drying, you can use special tongs-ployku, strand after the strand, working through the entire mass of hair to get a clearly delineated curls. It remains only to fix the strands so decorated with your favorite means of laying, and we can say that now your natural wealth is skillfully emphasized in the best way.

  • The main men's haircuts this fall and winter


    If you are the owner of thick curly hair, who are accustomed to calling “disobedient” with quiet despair, this season there is great news for you: Afro-style hairstyles are again at the peak of popularity. Now there is no need to modestly smooth your hair, trying at least a little to tame them. Naturalness has firmly entered all spheres of modern fashion and is in no hurry to take its positions. So, if you are brave enough to emphasize your individuality with such an unusual hairdo, be patient and let your hair just take on the most natural look for them. However, even here it is necessary to give the hair the right form and its regular support from a good hairdresser. If you are closer to a more well-groomed and neat look, pay attention to the variations of Afro with the cut out temples,

  • The main men's haircuts this fall and winter

    Afro: styling features

    First, wash your hair with a non-sulphate shampoo for curly hair. This will add moisture to the locks and highlight the natural curls. The lack of a strong shine is the main problem of curly hair, which can be solved with the help of a good care product that can fill curls with shine and vitality. In the end, treat the hair with a light fastener to fix the natural shape, and prevent the loss of individual strands from the total mass of hair.

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