“Rybtorg” and other restaurants, where deliciously fed fresh fish and seafood



A rare case – “Rybtorg” is praised by all who have been here, not a single bad word. Now I join. I really liked this new ginzo place on Patricks, in their quiet part. First, enter the beautiful fish store. Huge bright fish, including rare iridescent fish-cock and parrot fish, artistically lie on the counter. And along the window – a dozen aquariums with oysters. Bright light and the smell of fresh fish, almost marine. In the depths of a small staircase upstairs, and there’s a restaurant.

Hall of people at 15-20. Here, too, beautiful, but in a different way: twilight, ice and stone. An Anglo-Saxon genre of “oyster bar” is designed, and this is a bit chic, a bit for gentlemen. There are no tables, only two racks and windowsills – a bar landing. It assumes a slight chatter with a neighbor and with the waiters, too. With this so far not so much, the public though and important, but in their iPhone.


Half of the menu is oysters. There are ten varieties. Written chalk on a blackboard, the price per piece from 300 to 450 rubles. There are rare varieties, Japanese “Tanaka” and “Kabuno mori”. They say that connoisseurs quickly come running to them and eat up the whole lot in a day or two. Oysters are imported on Mondays, and then a “share” is arranged – one variety is given for 190 rubles per unit.

But suddenly you do not like oysters? And not scary, there are seven more wonderful dishes. I distinguish three, the main thing – pasta with crab. This is done impeccably: the pasta itself is wonderfully cooked, a lot of tender crab meat, olive oil and due to soy sauce, peel and slices of green asparagus delicate half-steps towards Asian taste. Portion is large, costs 800 rubles. Another unconditional luck – salmon tartare (650 rubles). It is pure and wonderful useful fat. Three ingredients are mixed: fish, avocado and olive oil. Directly “Omega three on a visit to you comes,” and no lemon, or orange to acidify. And it looks beautiful. Especially if you wash down with champagne.

Finally, the Cevic from the Langoustines, scorched by a burner (550 rubles). Brightly, only aioli sauce with garlic simplifies the impression. They say that there is no hood in the small kitchen, so only such light meals are cooked here. Do not fry, do not bake. So it turns out to be original.

 Trekhprudny per., 5.  

Editor’s choice: three more restaurants with fresh fish


The institution in the “National” calls itself “a restaurant of Russian delicacies and caviar brasserie”. Still would. In the menu: “Sandwiches”, “Fish salted and smoked”, “Ikra”, “To caviar” and “Not just caviar” with views of the star towers of the Kremlin. Of course, soups, snacks, sebug stew with horseradish jam and fruit mustard or scrambled with fresh cod liver are also available. Responsible for the kitchen is Chef Evgeni Meshcheryakov.

Mokhovaya St., 15/1, p. 1 (hotel “National”, 2nd floor).
 “Cancer” on Usachev 
In the main role, obviously, crayfish: in adzhika, beer, milk, fried, with apples and honey – only nine options. And to them there are more than 200 beer varieties. Opened by entrepreneur and writer Eugene Nichipuruk, the chief of the network – Anton Shirokov (“Fahrenheit”).
Usachev Str. 22.
"Cancer" on Usachev
 La Marée 
Before the first La Marée opened the doors on Petrovka in 2004, the Tunisian Med Duss made fifteen years of supplying fish and seafood of exceptional freshness from all over the world to the capital. The fish smelling of the sea are laid out on ice shelves, the aquariums are full of live langoustines and lobsters, there are fifteen kinds of oysters (this is an absolute record). The menu now has a lot of Russian: Kamchatka crab, sea urchins, scallops from Sakhalin, sturgeon, Murmansk cod, catfish, pike and smelt. Rare inhabitants of the seas like Australian barramundi or sea duck appear every day.
Petrivka, 28/2; M. Gruzinskaya, 23, p. 1; Flowing per., 7; Rublevo-Uspenskoe Sh., Zhukovka, 201
La Marée

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