Corner Cafe & Kitchen and three other restaurants where Asian noodles are well prepared


Miso-ramen with pork, Corner Cafe & Kitchen

Miso-ramen with pork, Corner Cafe & Kitchen
The constant columnist of the magazine Tatler, the owner of the "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", the most independent gastronomic critic of Moscow, now leads the section also on the site.  Reviews of restaurants are required to visit each week.
The constant columnist of the magazine Tatler, the owner of the “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”, the most independent gastronomic critic of Moscow, now leads the section also on the site. Reviews of restaurants are required to visit each week.

There are good places in Moscow, about which very few people know. Although the reputation is excellent, and customers enough. The Japanese bistro Corner Cafe & Kitchen appeared about a year ago in a good area, between the New and the old Arbat, but as if on purpose so that no one noticed. The name, the place on the first floor of the office center, the entrance, the interior – everything is absolutely nondescript. The first time you have to tune in this nondescript in advance, so as not to get scared. We will consider that this is part of the concept, and it is this: the chef Kobayashi Katsuhiko, a master who has worked in Moscow for a long time (confectioner of the “Near East”), and an inexpensive Japanese restaurant without sushi, with an emphasis on ramen noodles, with partner Anastasia Bukharova. This is their only enterprise, therefore in the hall every day co-owners are a stern Japanese boss and a hospitable Russian hostess.

Corner Cafe & Kitchen
“Miso-ramen with pork” is the main hit (290 rubles.), It is desirable to order it right away, in order to get confidence in the place. Noodles are wonderful, not unfrozen imported, but made in the kitchen. Still necessary – figured dumplings of gedza, a portion of vegetable – 240 rubles. To this, add any salad, for example, the most japanese – from the root of celery “kynpira” for 220 rubles, plus a little sake of excellent quality – and there will be a real, hearty, hot Japanese feast for a thousand rubles. There are a lot of soups in the menu. Especially popular is tom-yam with seafood (350 rubles.), But there is also Vietnamese fobo, and transparent Japanese with egg and shrimp, my favorite. Shrimp are good and fried in light tempura, tiger. They cost 580 rubles, and this is practically the most expensive dish. Still here are very proud of their sweets,
Corner Cafe & KitchenCorner Cafe & Kitchen
Separate praise deserves service, calm and concise. On Friday and Saturday – a complete landing on the record. All Moscow Japanese people go here regularly, both from the embassy and from the Toyota. Do not think, of course, that everything is perfect. I did not like the pork and rice in the dish with the name “Schoga Yaki Pork under Ginger Sauce”, and the shrimp filling in the gadza seemed liquid. Not all desserts from Mr. Kobayashi cause delight – cheesecake and pannakotta are mournful and lifeless. It is better to take Japanese sweets. But in general it’s absolutely clear why Corner Cafe has a score of 5.0 on the Trip Advisor. It seems, for the first time I agree with them.
Composer’s street., 17.
Corner Cafe & Kitchen
Corner Cafe & Kitchen

Three more places where tasty noodles are cooked


KU: Ramen Izakaya Bar

Japanese noodles and dumplings in the new, completely redesigned hotel “Belgrade” (now – “Azimut Smolenskaya”).
Smolenskaya Str. 8 
KU: Ramen Izakaya BarKU: Ramen Izakaya Bar
Lucky Noodles 
The first of its kind tiny noodles, invented by Arkady Novikov, opened at the “secret” entrance to the “Mendeleev” five years ago and still warms the hipsters in long Moscow evenings.
Petrovka Str. 20/1
Chaynaya Tea & Bar 
In an institution without a sign hidden in the courtyards at the Belorusskaya (open from 18: 00-03: 00, except Sunday and Monday), connoisseurs come just for Chinese home-made noodles. It is prepared in three types – with vegetables, chicken or beef.

1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 29, building 1

PChaynaya Tea & Bar

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