True Blue: stars choose blue | Beauty



Judging by the number of podium bows and stellar outcrops, blue and all its numerous shades becomes the main color in eye makeup. Blue lays down softer than black and gives shine better than brown. But in order not to overdo it and not turn into a disco queen from the 70’s or a salesperson of a farm, it’s necessary to embody this trend carefully.

1. Few halves.

If you really take on the blue, then either for the saturated navy blue or for the pastel colors. Mixing the two extremes of the spectrum one can return “Back to the Future” as Cathy Holmes .

2. Burning is clear!

To “wake up” tired eyes, choose juicy shades – cobalt, turquoise, sapphire. Eyes on the stars:

Jessica Biel

Ruth Nega

Jennifer Hudson

Emily Ratjakovski

Chloe Moretz

3. Volume and once again volume.

Do not forget about the bulk of black mascara! Especially expressively it looks with shimmers or glitter. In contrast, your “blue frost” will shine even brighter.

Tandy Newton

Lupita Nyongo

Jennifer Lopez

Willow Smith

Kerry Washington

4. The Lower Break.

If you are not ready to experiment with blue full-scale, try to start with the lower eyelid. This unexpected bright accent is easy to perform and guarantees a “wow effect”:

Jean Monet

Olivia Mann

Emma Stone

Shay Mitchell

Kristen Stewart

Vanessa Hudgens

5. Smokey Time.

The most dramatic and mysterious make-up with the elements of blue is the smokey.

Lily-Rose Depp

Kobi Smalders

Jenna Duvan-Tatum

Olivia Wilde

And the luxury, and the professional, and the mass-market brands more than enough pencils, shadows, streamers and glitters in this color scheme, go for it!

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