Fourteen friends are not Ocean, but George Clooney gave a million dollars


In an interview with W Magazine, George Clooney said that he likes to give puppies close relatives. I was modest. His friend Randy Gerber in an interview with MSNBC told of George’s unbelievable generosity. Once he gave fourteen of his friends a million dollars.

In September 2013, George invited Randy and 13 other friends to his dinner. When the guests gathered, they found that they had a black briefcase on the chair of each of them. “George stood up and said a small speech:” Guys, I want you to know how important it is for me, you supported me when I first came to Los Angeles, let them sleep on their couches. “I do not know where I would be today , if not for you, I want to thank you, open your suitcases, “- according to Gerber, in the portfolios Clooney’s friends found a million dollars in twenty-dollar bills.

“We all, of course, were in shock. After that George explained the act: “Each of us had a hard time, and someone is fighting problems right now.” You do not need to worry about children, their education and how to pay for a mortgage, “Randy said and added that Clooney paid taxes for all this money, so they did not have to give a cent to the state.

Gerber says that some of those present at that dinner were very needed money and George’s help came by the way: “One of our friends worked as a barman at the airport and every morning went there by bike to feed his family. Once he and the other boys took care of George, and now he took care of them. ”

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