Most, if not all, people adore dogs as pets. Although, as for the breed, here people have differences. Some dog lovers like small pets, others prefer large breeds. At the same time, some like physically active dogs that can keep up with them. Other people like more quiet and less active dogs.

Some dogs or puppies are “lazy” regarding physical activity. These animals will prefer to just walk at a measured pace, do not run and sometimes lie down to sleep or rest. If you are the type of people who prefer such dogs, then this list will give you a guide in choosing “lazy” (the most accurate definition is “soft”) of the breed of dogs that can become your favorite.


Think of Newfoundland as a big teddy bear, and also as a good giant, thanks to their attractiveness, sweet, friendly and friendly personality. Preparing them for life in society is a must, so try to surround them with different people, tests, sounds and kinds. The result of proper socialization training will be a well-bred dog.

Newfoundland needs a spacious home environment, it is prone to drooling, has a thick coat, which needs regular care and luxuriantly expands in a cold climate. If you want to train Newfoundland, you may need some positive support. Finally, you may notice that this is a dog of the same breed as Nana from the story “Peter Pan,” who was a nanny in the Darling family.


Basset Hound
Basset Hound – the most common image of the advertising sign Hush Puppy. This dog is usually calm and lazy in the house, but she has a loyal, pleasant and friendly personality. In fact, the dog of this breed is not irritable, it is too calm because of its softness of behavior. Because of the fact that it is a pack-animal dog, she likes to be near her family and any other pets.

Home basset hound training may be a problem due to its stubborn nature. The best way to motivate a pet is to use positive teaching methods and some tasty food as a reward for achieving a trained skill. Well-bred basset hounds have characteristic features, but they can get on with children and other pets.


St. Bernard
In the Alps it is cold, and also a lot of snow, in this regard, many travelers fall ill. Fortunately, St. Bernard helps poor travelers. St. Bernard is a big, strong dog that looks like a giant compared to other breeds. But, despite its size, it is a gentle, intelligent, good-natured and benevolent dog. The fact that St. Bernard helps travelers in the Alps is proof that he is the man’s best friend.

In the internal environment, St. Bernard is a favorite friend of the family. If you can tolerate excessive salivation, then you will love this breed. Ironically, despite the fact that this is a rescue dog, Senbernar does not need a lot of training. A daily walk is more than enough physical activity for the dog . St. Bernard has a very thick coat, so if you live in a warm climate, make sure that your pet has a shadow and fresh cool water.


Chow Chow
Dog Chow Chow was a favorite dog of the ancient Chinese imperial family. It looks like a combination of a fluffy lion and a small bear. The dog is alienated by nature, but also attentive and faithful to its masters, even if it has a quiet temper. Socialization is important for the dog , as it can protect the hosts and their territory, which leads to the dog becoming aggressive or shy to other people. Chow-chow, which was brought up properly, will be more open and friendly.

For the Chow Chow, it is preferable to live indoors instead of a backyard or booth. To train a daily 15-minute walk will be enough to make the dog happy and healthy. Be careful in hot weather or climate, as the chow can not tolerate heat. Keep the dog indoors if it suffers from too high a temperature.


Despite the fact that this is a good-natured type of dog , Bullmastiff is good at becoming a guard of his family. It can be seen that bullmastiff has a large physique and is a big dog that can be an impressive obstacle for thieves and robbers. Despite the fact that he is a guard dog, bullmastiff can be a family-loving pet, noble, trustworthy and confident.

The short coat of the dog makes it easier to care, although it can be salivating. In addition, the wool sheds slightly, so it is easy to clean. Bullmastiff is not a very energetic dog, although at a young age he has a lot of energy. For training, simply take the pet out for outdoor games or short walks to keep it in shape and healthy. When training bullmastiff at an early age, make sure that he understands that you are the head of the family, to facilitate further training, and also to curb his independence.


Greyhound is a gentle dog that prefers to stretch near the fire next to its owner and family, but it has a more active purpose. English greyhounds have an aerodynamic body shape, narrow head, long and muscular legs. The constitution of a dog is due to the fact that it is a hunting breed. Now this breed participates in dog races. In fact, when you mention a greyhound to another person, the first thing that comes to mind is a dog racing track. Able to develop speed from 40 to 45 miles per hour, the greyhound is considered a Ferrari among dogs.

Greyhounds thrive in various competitions, such as competitions, the exterior, trials with bait and training. The dog is non-aggressive and friendly, although it can stay away from strangers. Cruelty to the greyhound will make him become timid or shy. Proper training and socialization will give you a dog that will be playful and curious. In addition, you have the opportunity to take a puppy or an adult dog, who finished his racing career.


Shih Tzu
A drop of a lion, add a couple of teaspoons of a rabbit, two ounces of a domestic cat, one jester, a little ballerina, a pinch of an old man, a little beggar, a tablespoon of a monkey, mix one piece of baby print, a drop of a teddy bear mixed with a Chinese and Tibetan dog. This long description is how the American composer and teacher James Mamsford describes the dog Shih Tzu.

Shih Tzu is beautiful, friendly, faithful and lively for his family. A cute little size and charming dog style make him a pet favorite for many people. The dog feels fine, both in the apartment and in a large country house. Children and other animals are not a problem for shih-tzu, although you will need to monitor children who play with the dog.


French Bulldog
Unlike other dog breeds, the French bulldog is not glamorous and spectacular, but it still remains a beautiful dog. A dog of small stature, with ears similar to a bat, but its body is powerful and muscular. The French bulldog’s wool is short, so it’s easy to take care of. Previously, the dogs of this breed were rat-catchers, but now it is the favorite pet of the family and a participant in dog shows that like to rest in a convenient place.

To teach a French bulldog is easy due to his intelligence. Make the workouts similar to the game so that the dog becomes interested. The French bulldog likes to show his affection for the family, but requires some kind of socialization, training.


English bulldog
English Bulldog – a fierce looking dog. Wide, muscular with powerful shoulders, lowered upper lip and strong lower jaw, this gives the dog a fierce look. However, this is a playful, friendly, determined and courageous dog. He is a bit stubborn, but with quiet dignity and is ready to protect his family.

The English Bulldog was initially bred as a fighting dog for competitions. Fortunately, they became favorite pets, and not fighters after many years. The English bulldog today does not want anything but to attract attention and enjoy a dream next to their master.


German dog
Most breeds of dogs were bred as working dogs for hunting and protection; The Great Dane is one of those breeds. Today’s Great Danes have lost their cruelty as hunters and guards, but they have not lost their courage and determination to protect the human family. Large size and loud barking dogs will, if not scare, then stop the intruders.

Families can ask for a more charming pet, which is very affectionate. But in fact, the dog has a peaceful, playful disposition and affection for children. Obedience will further improve the attitude towards the Great Dane.

Remember that, despite the “lazy” behavior of these dogs, they still need a little exercise to maintain a good state of health and a healthy life. All the breeds of dogs mentioned above, easily enter into life in the house, whose owners do not want much turmoil. You can not ask for a more compliant and calm breed of dogs that is determined to be on your side.

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